Sakurai Ryo Laboratory

Laboratory of Sakurai, Ryo [R Lab]
@ Ritsumeikan University, Community and Regional Policy Studies Major at College of Policy Science

About the Laboratory of Sakurai, Ryo [R Lab]

In this seminar, students conduct a research related to environmental issues and/or education (in general). The examples of potential topics include but are not limited to any of the following themes that the instructor has been involved in;

  • wildlife management, biodiversity conservation
  • environmental education
  • sustainable coastal management
  • citizen science
  • media analysis
  • fostering environmentally friendly behavior
  • reconstruction (recovery of communities) from disasters
  • environmental issues all over the world
  • cultural comparison of public attitudes toward environment
  • education at large; evaluation of education program/ university education/ student development.

The common approach used in the seminar is based on the methods applied for social science research [e.g., questionnaire survey, interview, observation (field study), and literature review].

Through the seminar, the students are expected to develop and acquire the mindset of “researchers.”.” Self-study and independent research are highly recommended.

Goals and Missions of R Lab [created by students at R Lab in 2017]

Goals and Missions of R Lab

R (ouR) Lab aims to create a place that encourages its members to aim high, work hard, and achieve indefinitely. It will become a haven for environment lovers who are curious and motivated to promote change.

Value and beliefs important for us

We value curious minds and people who are unafraid to think out of the box and go the extra mile to make the world a better and sustainable place in which to live.


Our passion comes from the sense of responsibility we hold as human beings to not only safeguard the environment but also promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Actual behavior and activities we engage in

  1. To communicate freely
  2. To exchange knowledge respectfully
  3. To carry out research professionally
  4. To conduct far reaching and wide ranging research
  5. To review extensive literature
  6. To raise awareness about environment on the campus
  7. To share progress/ thesis writing

Atmosphere/environment we create

  • Welcoming and relaxing
  • Comfortable about sharing honest opinions and one another’s work
  • Semi-formal and non-competitive
  • Mutual learning environment
  • Respectful to each other
  • Able to exchange opinions freely
  • Enjoying discussion/communication

Feeling/attitudes we value

  • Curiosity
  • Positive attitudes
  • Patience
  • Action oriented
  • Friendliness
  • Motivation