Research Theme

Environmental Psychology Research /
Research on Education in General

Using social psychological theories, I have been studying factors that influence public environmental attitudes, pro-environmental behaviors, and other cognitive components. Examples of key concepts and models utilized and tested in my research are but not limited to sense of place, social trust, social norm, hope, life satisfaction, behavioral intention, and risk perception.

I also conduct research on education in general, especially regarding university education. I believe faculty member are responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the courses I teach and for investigating issues with regard to education that exist in universities. One of the research I have been involved in include comparison of efforts for faculty development among several universities.

Currently, I am involved in developing a program to foster leadership and other skills in university students. Collaborating with students in my laboratory and faculty in other departments, I conduct a research on the “development and evaluation of leadership/followership programs applying space flight resource management.”

Coastal area in Japan where a public survey on sense of place was conducted

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