For Prospective Students

For Juniors [Undergraduates]

Thank you for showing interest to join Sakurai Ryo Laboratory [R Lab].

In this seminar, students can conduct a research related to environmental issues and/or education (in general). Although they are expected to individually conduct research, they are expected to help one another improve their writing, presentation, and research skills. R Lab aims to create a mutual learning environment. In this sense, highly motivated students who can collaborate with others are welcome.

When conducting a field study (e.g., meeting with government officials, interviewing local residents, and participating in volunteer activities), students should be responsible for their behavior and keep in mind that they are representatives of the College of Policy Science and Ritsumeikan University. Students are expected to conduct themselves accordingly during individual and collaborative research. Therefore, students are expected to foster and develop teamwork skills and effective communication ability for collaboration with other students and stakeholders. In addition, we may join academic conferences (e.g., the Japanese Society for Environmental Education), where students can present their research results in front of professional researchers and practitioners.

Students are selected based on the application essay. In the essay, please explain how you can conduct research individually. In addition, please clarify how your goals will intersect with the objectives and contents of the seminar and how the research contents are related to the instructor’s expertise. Interviews with individual students may be conducted if necessary.

For Graduate Students [Master’s Program]

Thank you for showing interest in the Graduate School of College of Policy Science at Ritsumeikan University and Sakurai Ryo laboratory. For those interested in applying to the graduate school, please contact me (Sakurai Ryo) first.

When applying for the graduate school, applicants should prepare a research proposal with a solid research plan. The reason for this requirement is that applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their conviction in explaining the research proposal in the entrance exam. Applicants should be able to clearly demonstrate why they want to study at the Graduate School of College of Policy Science at Ritsumeikan University and why they want to pursue their field of research under the guidance of Sakurai Ryo.

In the graduate school, graduate students conduct research and write papers by communicating with advisors and are expected to self-manage their time and themselves to successfully complete their research.

I look forward to working and collaborating with motivated graduate students.