Research Theme

Methods and Analyses

I mainly conduct social science research using various approaches and methods in which data are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. Various statistical analyses (e.g., structural equation modeling, logistic regression, and ANOVA) are conducted to interpret data obtained by survey and other methods. Qualitative data, such as in-depth interview results, are analyzed and interpreted to understand the view of respondents. If necessary, text mining and morphological analyses are conducted to qualitatively understand the meaning of the data.

The other methods I have utilized include GIS analysis to visually map the spatial results as well as environmental economics analysis to understand the financial value of certain ecosystem services. Currently, I am constructing a model using the system dynamic approach to estimate the impact of reintroduced species on the socioecological system.

Research on developing new evaluation tools: an experiment using an attachable camera and a sensor device (collaborative research with the University of Tokyo and Toyama Prefectural University)

Ratio of residents engaging in damage prevention activities shown in GIS map (Sakurai 2012)